…gone with the sin my baby….

[Listening to HIM]

It’s been ages since I left something here but here it goes….

“[….gone with the sin my darling,

go with the wind…..]”

Dark rooms with trapped souls,

crushed my chest into painful breaths of blood.

Savoring death’s throat until I can’t hold it anymore,

my immoral thoughts of murdering an innocent.

Blissful desire of letting myself go,

fear of disappearing, going with the sin.

Rapid heartbeats with no intention of slowing down,

taste of petrified dreams into nothingness.

Am I here? Am I leaving?

…gone with the sin my darling,

gone with the wind.

Two voices in my head once told me,

you are great yet you are none.

What a shame, what a daring feeling,

of letting myself go,

with the sin, with the wind.

But instead I catch another breath

that brings me again,

to this dammed place I call, Earth.

-Copyright to the owner. (2014) by Yolymar Cruz


….then I was feeling numb and strange….

Days passed and still I feel numb and strange….all I want is to sleep and wander the mind once taught me how to deal with severe emotions.

I then remembered that all this time I’ve been alone and surrounded by walls and I decided to take a leap of faith. I started reading and searching for new things to do and yet I felt weird and uphold.

After six years of waiting for a summer to go places with no excuses of becoming the “talk of the day” all I do for a living is feeling numb….and strange.


…and I needed you to listen.

I needed you to be there for me and you were,

I needed you to be my friend and you became one,

I needed you to be my lover and you loved me until you felt your heart explode,

I needed you to be my confident and you guarded my dirty secrets like you were a safe,

I needed you to take care of me and you guarded me and carried me to the moon and back,

I needed you to be everything I asked for and you always became the person I wished for

…but, I needed you to listened and you never synchronized your soul with mine.

Problemas Puertorriqueños Parte 1

He aquí algunos de los problemas que tienen la mayoría de los puertorriqueños que viven en Puerto Rico…

1. Cruzar la calle mientras hay luz verde.
Oséa, si hay luz verde eso significa PASO. ¿Porqué se empeñan en cruzar mientras hay tráfico?

2. No poner la señal cuando doblan a izquierda o derecha.
Entiendo que les cuesta trabajo poner la señal mientras tienen una mano ocupada en el celular y la otra en el guía, eso sin decir que sus ojos no están en la carretera, pero, ¿Qué les cuesta mover un dedo y poner la señal?.

3. Leer mensajes de texto y/o estar metidos en Facebook mientras guían.
¿Qué sucedería si dejan al lado el celular mientras están sus ojos fijos en la carretera? Nada. No sucedería nada, el mundo seguiría ahí, la gente también. Todo seguiría el curso normal.

4. Andar en bicicleta de noche y a oscuras sin ningún tipo de reflejo que los identifique en la calle.
Entiendo que la moda es ahora andar en bici, pero cuéntenme, ¿que sentirían si fuesen conductores y de la nada les salga una bicicleta en frente de su carro sin ningún tipo de reflejo?. Pues así me siento yo cuando guío y veo la multitud saliendo del “bici jangeo” con sus bicicletas ” “pimpeadas” y ellos sin tan siquiera un flashlight con qué alumbrarse.

5. Llegar al cine a última hora y pretender que te atiendan rápido tanto y consigas buen asiento.
Mi gente si uno va a salir uno se prepara con tiempo, con tranquilidad. No vengas a querer ir a una tanda a las 9:30 pm, salir de tu casa a las 9:15pm y pretender que vas a conseguir boletos y asiento fácilmente.

Y la más que me gusta de todas:
¿En qué momento la palabra PARE significa, SIGA?. Quisiera poder inventarme algo que si usted como persona no hace el pare por al menos 10 segundos (sin ningún otro tipo de movimiento vehicular) sus gomas delanteras exploten al instante. Si tan solo respetarán que delante vive gente sabrían respetar un maldito PARE.

Hasta aquí el segmento de hoy. Pronto les compartiré la segunda parte de Problemas Puertorriqueños.

Darkness vs fear.

It was a lonely Sunday evening, at London plaza as always. I looked over the faces to find something I could be attune with, but there was nothing but the same old people wandering here and there. Pale faces everywhere, like clowns on the street. Minutes passed by and I got tired of being there looking people walking by and then it happened. I saw a strange but dark bird flying over the cathedral so I decided to walked over there to see more clearly. When I reached the cathedral’s door I saw it. It was a crow, a big pitched black crow with just one eye. I got goose bumps down my spine when I saw what was hanging on his mouth….it was a human ear. I got scared and I ran out so fast that I couldn’t catch my breath. When I stopped near the corner, I stopped by the bookstore, I bent down to breath and I felt someone following me. It was him. The crow. He was transforming into something strange and scary. It was a man. A dark cloaked man, with one eye. He saw my fear. He felt my anxiety. I was scared, alone and far away from the people. I couldn’t managed to scream. I had no voice. No words. No air. He put a hand over my mouth: “Shhh, don’t scream. I am darkness, you’re just fear”. What? I’m just fear? What that supposed to mean?. He told me he fought an ancient soldier over the park, an old friend who owed him something. But what this has to do with me?. “You know I cannot let you go like this right?” he looked me in the eye. How I was supposed to leave if I was frozen in time, in fear. “You need to let me go inside your soul and take what I want, what I need.” he told me in a cold voice. “Uhum” I managed to tell him. “Then close your eyes and open your soul. There’s nothing to be scared of.” he put an arm over my shoulder and I instantly felt peace.

An hour later I was sitting on my bed, book on hand, reading a gothic novel.

…to be continued.

Far away in my dreams I met you…once again.

In a far away land I thought I was running through green grass, my arms wide open, feeling the sweet breeze of the woods. I felt the air on my cheeks, the smell of the flowers, the birds chirping songs in my ear….

And I saw her. She was running to me from a distance. I meet her in the middle of the path, she was smiling and waving at me. I thought I knew her….somehow. I was moving through the grass touching it with my fingers. Then I felt it. Her fingers though my legs like caressing them softly. I felt all my body aching for more. I was moaning names in the sweet garden of passion. I need to feel more. Then I lay down in the grass, feeling needy. I kept asking myself: Was it sex or is just a dream within a dream?. I didn’t know.

After a long pause, her hands slide through my underwear touching the lips of the untouched. I wanted more. I bent to the side thinking that the birds were chirping louder. Her hand slide through my breasts grabbing them like pineapples. As if it were the highest mountains of the Everest. I couldn’t think clearly. I was aching for more. Then she saw my agony and believe I was crying, but I wasn’t. I needed to feel her inside me. The grass felt hotter and my body was sweating like a volcano in hot summer. 

She grabbed my hips and put me on top of her. I could felt her breath all over my neck. It was warm and heavy. She kissed my forehead and smiled. Like if she knew what was going to happen next. Of course she knew! She was my damnation. My hell on Earth. When I felt her anxiety I knew she wouldn’t let me go even if I forced her hands. She lifted me up high and the ecstasy began.

It was like the rivers exploded through the ocean, like roller-coasters so high they hasn’t end. Like endless fireworks in the sky, like rain so hard it hurt your hands. All of a sudden I screamed, silencing my own voice. It was unnatural, from other world. She was inside me. Her mouthwatering tongue was making the masterpiece of its life. After an hour an half she stopped. Accomplishing its mission to her submissive prey.

Two hours passed by and I woke up from the weirdest dream ever. I felt wet and exhausted not knowing if the dream was real or just a memory.

©2013. YCP. All the fragment is copyrighted. Any alteration or distrubution of it may infringe in the author’s copyrights.